29 Sep 2007

Autumn has come -- time to learn new stuff !

The leaves are falling from the trees en masse, and the weather gets rainy, windy and too unpleasant to pursue my usual daily cycling agenda -- it´s a season called "Autumn", and guess what, I don´t wanna slip with my bike and land flat on the ole kisser ;-)

Staying indoors is usually a little depressing, but this year it´s actually a very fine opportunity to compensate the inescapable annual "autumn blues" by keeping myself busy with hopefully reasonable stuff.

This year Kismet brought me some pretty cool things (the Adobe Community Expert nomination, plus recently the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection), and regarding the wealth of tools I now have in my hands, it´s clear what I need to deal with now:

1. learn some of the Creative Suite components like e.g. Flash

2. go more in-depth with AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) based stuff like Adobe´s SPRY framework and/or other frameworks like jQuery or Ext, which are made to perform in modern browsers and require JavaScript to be enabled -- and gaining more insight in the pro´s and con´s of building browser-based AJAX web applications vs. building "proprietary" applications using Flash respectively Flex

3. exercise myself in creating more results which actually make sense to me and others

4. very important IMHO :: see for myself how far I can go with learning without losing sight of my "core business" which is, guess what, doing websites with/without Dreamweaver and developing PHP based stuff.

I expect:

1. to get an insight in applications I never worked with so far -- I do need to know what others are referring to when ranting about stuff like "Actionscript"

2. to understand how several Creative Suite components will work together. Guess that using Firework CS3 integration with Dreamweaver CS3 to create a website prototype in the first application and pass it on to DW should be indeed interesting to learn.

3. to familiarize myself with graphics software like Fireworks, Illustrator and Photoshop without too many problems. I have been working with Corel´s applications quite intensely over the years, and many things are of course similar

4. to get a broader view of "all things web development" -- although HTML, CSS, PHP, databases and related stuff will always remain my principal "bread and butter", I can´t afford focussing on this alone.

5. to extend my own business with some more service & knowledge (of course !) -- and to add some value to my "Adobe Community Expert" status respectively the associated quality of advice I´m supposed to provide.

I don´t expect:

1. to become more than a "generalist" in some areas. The CS3 tools provide sooo many features, and the learning curve may be too steep to fully understand e.g. Flash respectively what I could do with it -- but I need to become at least a "generalist" on behalf of my clients, because how am I supposed to estimate the true expertise of an associated Flash guru, if I´m not able to understand the basics of what he´s doing or supposed to do ?

2. to become the greatest Flash animator on earth -- there are soooo many wonderful folks out there who, since years, have done immensely great stuff, and that´s an area where I´d never be able to really compete. However, the Flash CS3 data handling features, combined with my PHP skills, is something where I *want* to push myself forward.

Phew, that´s quite a self-imposed agenda until christmas, and I truly wonder if my goals can be achieved at all -- however, even if I´ll just be realizing 2/3 of all that, I *will* have learnt something essential, and this is actually what I´m after.

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