16 Sep 2007

installing Adobe CS3 Master Suite on Win XP :: phew, worked :-)

Wow, I´m a happy camper for sure now -- a couple of days ago Germany´s FedEx brought me a nice parcel from Adobe US :: the Creative Suite 3 Master Collection for Windows :-)

While I was full of pleasant anticipation when being informed that this was coming my way soon, I honestly felt pretty scared to actually install the Master Collection once I had it -- quite some customers who received it earlier this year, reported that installing the Suite was unexpectedly painful and (to some) managed to even whack up their OS, and Adobe confirms that the installer should indeed have undergone some more "system compatibility" tests before delivering their CS3 suites to customers.

However, to me the installation was an absolutely smooth experience ! Phew, no errors at all, and the Master Suite even detected my existing "stand alone" Dreamweaver CS3 installation and installed the other components alongside this one without messing it up -- it´s this what I´ve of course been most afraid of.

Well, now that all installed Master Suite components are working as (not :-) expected, and considering the fact that I´m able to write this blog entry from an undamaged XP system, I have to say :: I´ve certainly had lots of luck on my side, while others very regretfully didn´t -- however, I´ve thankfully also been explicitely warned (by reading lots of forum posts or Adobe´s installation FAQ) to first shut down several 3rd party applications which could possibly damage the Master Suite installation:
  • virus detection software, which is said to often just savagely block the installation of "official" software
  • Chat applications like "Windows Live Messenger" or "Skype"
  • the rather new Safari 3 browser (beta)
  • Google Desktop (as indeed reported by several users to have been causing problems)
Well, at the time of installing the Master Suite, all known "critical" secondary applications were shut down -- I´m sure that this (and, assumingly, an improved installer version) has lead to a smooth and indeed pleaseant experience which I didn´t anticipate.

Huge thanks also to several fellow Adobe Community Experts, who provided some precious and unbiased advice based on their own experience !

Some final thoughts on what should be improved in the next installer version though:
  1. As the installer first performs a system check in order to check against the specified "system requirements", it will report 512 MB of RAM as - sort of - "insufficient RAM detected, please update your system, 1 GB is the minimum required !"

    This is not quite true, as it´s only the included video (and maybe audio) editing components which do require that much RAM for a very good reason -- in other words, non-video components such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Acrobat, Fireworks, Photoshop do run quite smoothly on my 512 MB RAM system. Well, you´ll assumingly need more RAM when trying to perform a so-called "round-trip editing" (i.e. pasting images from Fireworks to a Dreamweaver page) between several applications, what´s a different story ... but this "generalized" message alone is way too scary and made me cancel the initial installation, what wouldn´t have been required after all.

  2. a certainly great thing is to choose which component you want to install, and some components do have sub-components -- however I don´t understand why deselecting e.g. the main video editing component does not automatically deselect the related sub-components as well.
But let´s not be too picky now -- I´m VERY happy ! :-)

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