5 Nov 2007

new website in the making :: Sicilian Tourism

What you see here, is the very first draft of a website I´m about to create for a sicilian tourist organization:

I actually can´t and won´t reveal too many details about the project here, as it´s of course under NDA. However this project will by nature be taking a different direction than most of my usual data-centric web-based "applications" :: the focus is on embedding all sort of tourism related information in a great visual showcase of what Sicily respectively Ragusa has to offer to tourists who are eager to explore a mediterranean island that´s full of cultural/historical treasures and much more -- and a very unique breed of gentle, proud and down-to-earth folks you hardly find elsewhere. Well, I do have my reasons to be such an admirer of Sicily -- half of my family actually lives here since more than 20 years :-)

When it comes to outlining the technical side of this site´s features, it´s obvious that a custom-made CMS will have to be integrated, because my client will understandably want to administrate the multi-lingual site contents on his own.

What could possibly be of interest to anyone reading this, is the fact that the draft displayed here is *no* HTML page (yet) and wasn´t created with Dreamweaver or any other editor at all -- so how was this done ?

I did this 800 x 600 pixel - mockup with Adobe Fireworks CS3, and I have to say it´s pretty much fun to create webpage "demos" this way rather than doing everything the "HTML way" right from the start. Yes, creating a similarly designed page with e.g. Dreamweaver can be a dry experience, as in particular the rather tech-savvy web developer usually has a pretty hard time trying to turn off his usual "let´s now create a 760 px width table" reflexes -- well, at least I´m constantly falling prey to these reflexes whenever I launch DW or write some code, and this indeed blocks a very important component :: creativity !

What´s great about Fireworks CS3, is the fact that at least rather simple layouts like this one can be easily exported to Dreamweaver while generating a comparatively "valid" HTML page plus (with the help of some 3rd party extensions) CSS files which are supposed to "web-ify" the styles you assigned to various page elements in Fireworks.

Let´s see what comes next -- but I´m not that unhappy about this draft ;-)

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