15 Jan 2008

Adobe Community Expert: status extended :-)

yeah I know, I have been silent for a while, because there´s quite some work to do -- well, that sounds like the typical excuse, but it´s true nonetheless !

However, the great news is, that my "Community Expert" status has just been extended by Adobe, means I´m entitled to brag about this also in 2008 ! Thanks a lot !! However, I did a *lot* of community work in 2007, and I feel this reappointment is an adequate reward :-)

Well, to me it seems that it´s in particular this status extension which, in comparison to the initial nomination, has some real significance -- because the criteria for getting renominated is based on how active you have really been in the last year, and trust me :: your past activity (and its relevance) is being "scanned" by the Adobe staff, and it´s you who has to supply evidence for being worthy to get reappointed.

I´m of course very happy about this ! :-)

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