8 Dec 2008

Something jolly for a change :-)

Oops, I note I haven´t been blogging for quite a while ! Well, if you want, you may blame it on my laziness or the feeling that I didn´t have anything worthwile to say ;-)

However, here´s a logo I just knocked together with Adobe Photoshop CS3:

This logo (or a possible variant, who knows ;-) is supposed to introduce a new series of web development showcases on my website www.guenter-schenk.com, however I thought I´d share it with you right now, cause I think it´s indeed a funny one !

BTW: I´m really no Adobe Photoshop expert and use it pretty rarely -- but I have to admit it´s a cooool thing :-)

Disclaimer: the clown is not my creation, I just happened to find him on the web and gave him something homemade to juggle with

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