5 Jun 2009

Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox now discontinued

April 9, 2009 was a pretty sad day for those PHP web application developers who used to rely on the Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox (ADDT) extension to help them roll out technically excellent and customizable applications in a fraction of time.

That day ADDT has been officially discontinued, and yours truly, an Adobe Community Expert who has received this badge for - mainly - supporting the ADDT user community by e.g. helping out in the forums and writing articles/tutorials now admittedly thinks that this discontinuation has made my Community Expert - status virtually dispensable.

Shall I give this badge back ? Waddaya think, if any ? ;-)

Added 2010-01-19

nope, I don´t think I´m crazy enough to give that badge back, and there´s always an opportunity to find other areas where your expertise might be of value to others. Guess I was just somewhat frustrated ;-)

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