27 May 2007

ADDT :: replace textareas with TinyMCE

The Back Story

What the heck is "ADDT" ?? Well, some might (and some notorious fellow Community Expert - jokers already did during it´s development cycle;-) say it´s an abbrevation for Advanced Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane -- but no way, we´re not talking about an effective brand of pesticides invented to help you being the only webdeveloper in your district ;-)

ADDT stands for Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox, a set of Dreamweaver server behaviors and commands for creating dynamic web applications using PHP, Adobe ColdFusion®, and ASP VBScript server scripting technologies, running on Dreamweaver CS3 -- a truly *great* set of tools that´s been developed by my long-time buddies from Interakt aka "Adobe Systems Romania".

ADDT´s predecessor version, "MX Kollection Pro", actually came with a quite popular add-on extension called "KTML 4", a sort of "online" WYSIWYG html editor that´s replacing a standard textarea with a sophisticated interface for e.g. formatting text and tables, inserting images etc etc -- stuff you´d usually do with desktop word processors like e.g. MS WORD, but of course running in the browser, what´s perfect for Content Management Systems, blogs etc etc.

However, as Interakt turned into Adobe Systems Romania in 2006, some of their products couldn´t get taken over to the new proprietor for whatever reasons, and KTML 4 was one of them -- too bad that many users were already accustomed to working with this excellent and still unrivaled Dreamweaver extension, what of course triggered quite some anger, uncertainty and frustration, because there´s no replacement for Dreamweaver CS3.

What now ?

though not available as Dreamweaver extension, there are other technically equivalent (and, honestly, in some respects even better) "online editors" available like FCKeditor or TinyMCE, both even released as Open Source !

The last mentioned editor is my personal favorite and has, to my experience, one significant advantage :: it´s by far more easier to integrate/configure in general, and it´s *absolutely* easy to integrate in forms created with ADDT !

That´s why I recently created a 3-page tutorial titled "how to replace a standard textarea with the TinyMCE Javascript WYSIWYG editor" -- available as PDF and already been sent to many ADDT users, but maybe I´ll post it here as well, who knows ?