12 Oct 2007

OT: and here´s the MANUALIST :-)

Wow, Gerry Phillips is soooo excellent and unique with his very special art :: playing melodies by squeezing air between two hands !!! Like most of you I didn´t know that this is actually an art form called "Manualism" (hand music) which could already be heard in old movies -- please see some more info on Wikipedia

Here´s my most favorite clips from YouTube. You´ll see that I decided on the (to me) most funny stuff -- mainly renditions of rock / metal tunes, because I can´t hold my pee when he´s starting to imitate the guitar solos :-)

A-HA: Take on me

Iron Maiden: The trooper

Europe: The final countdown

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Wizards in Winter

Super Mario Bros. Theme !!

Gerry Phillips is truly a one-of-a kind artist, and there´s something I deeply admire -- he gives all those songs no quarter :-)

additional role @ Adobe :: Forums Host

I´m happy to announce that I´ve now additionally turned into a so-called "Forums Host" at the Adobe website user-to-user forums.

This is in fact just a logical step, because I happened to maintain the Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox forums (unintentionally) all on my own for several months now, so...

5 Oct 2007

Illustrator CS3 -- how sweet it works :-)

Just assisted a remote colleague with designing a Din A 4 contact form for his property exhibition.

Usually I would have done that with Corel Draw, but as I now have Adobe´s Illustrator CS3 lying around, I thought "well, let´s try with this" -- and I gotta say that (never worked with Illustrator so far) the workflow was incredibly intuitive, and Illustrator´s truly "context sensitive" Control Panel is indeed a *huge* help to quickly access & modify the selected object´s properties:

Illustrator CS3 :: Control Panel for text objects

I really appreciate when an application enables me to create decent stuff *fast* without having me read the manuals for getting even simple things done, and I have to admit that creating a similar form with the quite familiar Corel Draw would have taken me much longer.

I consider the "how do I get away with a software without even knowing it" benchmark to be a very meaningful indicator of an application´s user friendliness -- in this respect Illustrator CS3 is way cool.

Will not look back, unless I must :-)