18 Jan 2010

Adobe Community Professional -- wazzat ?

What is an "Adobe Community Professional" ?

1) me, according to a "congratulations...your membership...has been renewed" email I just received from Adobe. Thank you !!!

2) generally said, a member of the former "Adobe Community Experts" program which has now been rebranded to "Adobe Community Professionals". Other than the renaming thingy the criteria for getting this badge awarded and the program´s purposes haven´t changed at all.

Why did Adobe decide to change the title after years ? Well, simply said, it´s because the former program´s abbreviation was "ACE", which sounds cool, but regretfully happened to butt heads with another well-established Adobe program named "Adobe Certified Experts" which - guess what - comes with the abbreviation "ACE" as well.

Is this change of name really important ? I think it is indeed, because many of us former "Experts" used to display just the abbreviation ACE in e.g. our email signatures or on the Adobe forums, what might have confused e.g. prospective clients or Adobe customers because of the possible obvious assumption that we´re officially certified ACEs chaps, what´s not essentially the case except for those of us ACEs who were ACEs too -- well, there you have it ! ;-)

It has now become much easier to tell an "Adobe Certified Expert" (ACE) from an "Adobe Community Professional" (ACP), and the vast majority of us seems quite happy with Adobe´s decision to not use another name such as "Adobe Product Expert", because none of us would have liked to sign our emails with APE ;-)

That being said, all of us ACPs will now have to update our blogs, resumes, email sigs, websites etc etc accordingly - yikes !